At L2T Global Consulting LLC we firmly believe that the key elements of a successful coaching engagement are:


  • Openness, trust, and commitment to the coaching process
  • Agreed upon ground rules
  • Confidentiality that develops between the coach and client


“You (the client) has all the answers.”


Our coaches serve as true strategic partners, asking powerful questions to elicit the “right” answers within you. Throughout the coaching relationship, you will be empowered to set goals and an agenda for each coaching conversation and the engagement as a whole. We will work with you to tailor a leadership development or career coaching strategy that suits your individual needs. We also develop targeted coaching programs for organizations to meet the priorities of their teams.


What is Coaching?


Coaching is an effective, transformative tool that educates and empowers leaders to gain insights into themselves, propelling their development, driving professional growth, and providing them with a competitive advantage to excel.


Coaching focuses on:


  • increasing and building self-awareness
  • refining leadership skills
  • achieving targeted goals
  • enhancing personal effectiveness
  • exploring and finding new perspectives
  • leveraging inner strengths to become change leaders


You are ready to engage a coach, if you…


  • are open to honest feedback and new possibilities
  • want to learn new ways of thinking and handling professional challenges
  • follow through on commitments
  • are motivated to change to get better results


The L2T Coaching Process


L2T Global Consulting LLC coaching involves working together with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. The engagement starts with a complimentary 40-minute telephone consultation, during which time you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about coaching, the coach’s background and philosophy, and how to establish a coaching relationship. From this conversation, an L2T Global Consulting LLC coach will provide a coaching agreement, outlining the framework and terms of the engagement, as well as the expectations of both you and the coach for moving the relationship forward.


A traditional leadership coaching engagement would consist of weekly or bi-weekly one hour sessions for six months to one year. Sessions are conducted in person, by telephone, or through Skype or Zoom. In addition to these sessions, your coach will be available by e-mail between sessions for follow-up questions or matters as they arise.


During the entire engagement, your L2T Global Consulting LLC coach listens to you on a very conscious and deep level, gathering information, and helping to create awareness by holding you responsible and accountable for developing your own actions. As part of this action-oriented process, the coach will work with you to create short, actionable, and customized assignments between coaching sessions. This “homework” will assist you in deepening your awareness and recognizing what is limiting you from moving forward, which will provide you with the insights, abilities, and tools necessary to effectively pursue your goals and reach your true potential.


The coach creates a safe environment that encourages trust, accepting you for who you are without any judgment. Rather than providing a “fix,” your coach will encourage you to rise to challenges, overcome obstacles, and increase your awareness using a combination of observation, questioning, active listening, and feedback. At the end of the engagement, both you and your coach will assess the benefits and professional effectiveness of the coaching arrangement.


What to Expect in the First Meeting


During the first meeting you and your coach will establish the ground rules that will govern the coaching engagement. We will cover most of the following key areas:


  • Confidentiality, expectations and commitments
  • Reporting relationships (if applicable)
  • Methods of gathering information
  • The way that the coaching engagement goals will be measured
  • How progress will be monitored
  • Frequency of the coaching conversations
  • How, why and when the engagement will come to an end


The coach will request that you take some time to complete a comprehensive profile articulating the coaching and long-term goals, strengths, lifestyle, effectiveness, as well as some assessments of the level of satisfaction with different areas of your life.


From here, you and your coach will develop a timeline and objectives for measuring success, drawing on what you shared as part of the initial evaluative process. By asking insightful questions the coach walks you down a path of discovery, clarification, and alignment based on what you indicated that you would like to achieve.


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